The Hi-Life Adviser is Callie Lawrence.
The Hi-Life is a member of the Interscholastic League Press Conference. Published six times a year, The Hi-Life is distributed free to students, faculty and staff of Henderson High School.
The Hi-Life will refrain from printing material that we consider libelous, invasion of privacy or subject matter intended to cause severe disruption of school activities. Opinions expressed on opinion pages are those of the staff and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the HISD administration or staff.
Letters to the editor that address current or local events, issues of interest or topics which are pertinent to the student body as a whole are welcomed. All letters must be signed; however, the name of the writer will be withheld upon request, if circumstances warrant.
Advertisements in The Hi-Life are available. E-mail for pricing. The Hi-Life reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any or no reason.

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