As Valentine’s Day starts wrapping up, all the unbought chocolate and goodies start going on sale and the couples that just got together to a week ago begin to break up- it sparks the question. Is dating in high school even worth it? 

Without a doubt dating in high school is worth it. While you might not marry your high school sweetheart you gain something from every relationship you’re in-  you get a shoulder to cry on, you learn how to love, and how to be loved.

High school is hard- you’re constantly busy doing this or that- it’s hard sometimes to take a minute a breath. However, when you have a significant other, someone who is there for you at all times, someone who understands you, someone who doesn’t judge you, it all of a sudden becomes a lot easier to take a Saturday off and just breathe. And if you do work yourself half to death or if you’ve just been having a rough week, having someone there to comfort you and just listen to you is one of the greatest feelings of all time. Not only are they there for you at the moment but even if you do break up they’re helping you along the road.

 Another astounding reason why you should date in high school is you learn how to love someone in a way you may never have ever loved someone before. Being in a romantic relationship is different than being a platonic one, you have to learn to listen and communicate, be there for them and learn to conquer your problem together. Learning these things take time and effort if you lack these skills in adult relationships they may not stick around for you to learn them. This is why it’s important to be in healthy, strong relationships where you can learn and grow together so that way you’ll have a successful relationship.

The final reason is so you learn how to be loved. This is different than learning how to love,  knowing your love language is a huge part of life and you can have different ones for different types of love. Finding out what makes you feel loved is super important- it’s hard to know someone loves you when they don’t know you feel love or how to express it in a way that’s right for you.

While some people may disagree and argue that dating in high school can hurt you and you should avoid it at all costs- you learn from your mistakes and the people around you. If you’re afraid of being hurt then raise your standards to someone who will lift you up and grow with you. Rather than someone who’s just looking for arm candy.

In conclusion, yes- dating in high school is worth it for the experience alone- the ability to grow with someone, to learn how to love and how to be loved. So the next time you catch a cute person looking your way, remember all the benefits and go for it. 

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