Every year right dead smack in between winter depression and spring allergies, February creeps up on us dragging Valentine’s Day along with it and every year it feels like couple go out of their way to gloat about how in love they are- simply to remind the other half of the country that we are in fact lonely. Being in high school the week of “the big day” is almost too fake especially, when you know most of these couples won’t last another month without breaking up with the love of their life just to get back together a week later. This sparks the question: is dating in high school even worth it?

The obvious answer here is no. They’re simply pointless- they don’t last, they’re nothing but drama and they do nothing but harm

According to a study done by the HuffPost, only about 2 percent of people marry their high school sweetheart. The same study also states that the average teenage relationship doesn’t even stand half a year. What is the point of wasting away your high school years- the best four years of your life-  on a relationship that expires faster than the make-up- chocolate they got you? The only thing that a high school relationship will bring is drama.

We all know the people who date around and it seems like no matter how good of a person they date it’s no bueno. There’s a very simple explanation for this- in high school, a teenager’s brain is still developing, they’re still trying to figure out who they are, and needless to say, their hormone balance really isn’t that balanced. This isn’t our fault though everyone goes through this as a teenager. By simply waiting a few years you have time to figure out who you are comfortably without the strain of being someone you’re not. 

It’s the day of a massive test in your math class,  a test that would decide if you pass or fail for the semester. You’ve been studying for weeks – you know you have in the bag, that is until your boyfriend decided today was the perfect day to break your heart viva text. Now you’re left feeling empty and distracted. Things like this happen all the time, high schoolers are too immature to understand the value of a relationship and how quickly it can all fall apart.  

Now, I know there are some romantics out there who just know there’s more than just bad that comes from relationships. While this may be true- there are some great things that come from dating- the risk paired with the overall consequences is just too great of a burden for any high schooler to handle. 

In the end, it’s safe to say that dating is a waste of time due to the fact they aren’t going anywhere, they’re stressful and just plain unpredictable. So the next time someone comes sliding into your DM’s remember the effects and leave them on read. 

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