Now that February is over, it’s time for the pink of  Valentine’s Day to blossom into… Easter? Easters still 2 months away. Aren’t we forgetting about something?

 When talking about forgotten holidays, many people are quick to point out how Thanksgiving is the underrated middle child of Halloween and Christmas, but how often do you hear anyone talk about everyone’s favorite Irish holiday, good ole’ Saint Patrick Day?

For such an overlooked holiday, it is arguably one of the greatest holidays: you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or be a certain religion, you just need to have a good time. 

Holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween can get real expensive real fast, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to go all out. On March 17, you can go as the full nine yards (pun intended) without having to empty out your piggy bank. All you have to do is wear green, save green and have a good time. It’s that easy. 

Another reason Saint Patrick’s day is the superior holiday is it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can join in on the fun. People all over the country celebrate this day in so many different ways. Everything from parades in New York City to having a family meal at Grandma’s house and hearing stories of your Irish ancestors to celebrating in true Irish style. It’s a day of remembrance and celebration not confined by culture.

The final reason is simple: it’s the one day a year people learn about our curly hair cousin to the east. Every culture deserves recognition, especially ones with such an Americanized story like Saint Patrick’s Day. Most people don’t even know the difference between Scotland and Ireland, Americans have capsized this holiday just like every other. 

All and all, forgotten holidays are oftentimes the greatest due to their down-to-earth style and acceptance to other cultures. 

So next time you’re out in a grocery store and you see the small green shelves between the aisles remember there’s more to Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day than you may think. 

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