The season of spooks and sweets has thoroughly arrived, bringing cooler weather and exciting festivities with it. Halloween is fast approaching, but sometimes etiquette flies out the window like a witch on a broomstick. Here are several tips to keep everyone happy and healthy this All Hallow’s Eve.


Do Use UV Protection

As soon as cooler weather rolls around, sun damage preparation is always forgotten. Despite the rapidly falling temperatures, UV rays are still a concern, especially in crisp, clear, October weather. Use SPF moisturizer or BB cream to keep that sunburn far, far away.

Do Hydrate

Much like precautions against the sun, we often fail to drink enough water when cooler temperatures replace the oppressive heat of the summer. For kids and parents out trick-or-treating, carry water to stay safe walking in your costume.

Do Consume Electrolytes

The second half of water’s necessity comes with electrolytes. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Body Armor and even pickle juice contain electrolytes that replace vital nutrients your body loses in sweating. They also offer hydration, but not to the extent that water does.

Do Eat Protein

Trick-or-treating is not a competitive sport by any means, but eating a snack rich in protein beforehand increases energy for walking. Protein also makes it safer to consume large amounts of Halloween candy. By eating a handful of almonds or a boiled egg, one can avoid the sugar coma that a successful Halloween always promises.

Don’t Be Offensive with Your Costume Choice

Halloween is a season of creative parody, but some costumes are entirely inappropriate to mock. While dressing as characters from Disney’s Coco is one thing, using Dia de los Muertos as a costume if you are not of Mexican descent is disrespectful to the culture and celebration. Blackface and brownface, as they have come to be known, are also highly disrespectful and racist in nature. One should also be careful to avoid hypersexualized costumes of Asian or Native American origin. Also, if the costume has to do with a crime such as domestic terrorists, foreign terrorists or convicts, it is probably best left unworn.

Don’t Be a Jerk to Children

Everyone (for the most part) knows that the American, capitalist version of Halloween is largely geared toward children collecting ungodly amounts of candy from their neighbors as a reward for cute or ‘scary’ costumes, much to the dismay of the tired parents. I ask of the teenage readers not to ruin it for them. All of us have fond memories of ringing the doorbell of the old grandma on the block who gave out full-size chocolate bars or passing out on the couch in green face paint after scarfing down one-too-many Reese’s pumpkins. Let these kids have their fun this Halloween season. And for the love of all that is holy, do not smash any pumpkins.


Hopefully, this article gives you some helpful tips to have the best, spookiest Halloween yet! Be safe, and Happy Haunting!

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