HISD Hires New Superintendent


Rare is it that lions take orders from a sheep, but at Henderson, this maybe the start of a beautiful new beginning. 

Transitioning from Chief of Schools at Duncanville ISD, Dr. Thurston Lamb Jr. started the 2019-2020 school year with a new job as the Henderson ISD superintendent.

“I enjoy teaching,” Lamb said simply. “But my favorite part about being a superintendent is working collaboratively with all stakeholders to create an educational learning environment that allows all students to have unforgettable learning experiences.”

After graduating high school at Morrilton High School in Morrilton, Arkansas, Lamb served in the United States Marine Corps. Then, after realizing his passion for education, he walked at the University of Central Arkansas earning a Bachelor of Science in Education. Then seeking a higher level of education, Lamb acquired his Masters of Science at Texas A&M Commerce and his Ph.D. at Capella University. 

“I think one thing Henderson needs is a more positive environment,” senior Ashley Wilkinson said. “The changes he’s making are already starting to make a difference, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.”

Lamb transferred to Henderson for the small, supportive tight-knit community; he hopes to use this experience to take Henderson to a new level.

“I hope to enhance what is currently happening right now,” Lamb said. “I hope to increase opportunities for students to earn college credit, expand the courses in Career and Technical Education, and establish a school climate that connects all students.”

Even though Lamb makes it look like a piece of cake, being a superintendent is a troublesome and stressful responsibility for anyone. 

“You have to be disciplined, focused, and have an incredible work ethic,” Lamb said. “If you want to lead and serve the people, you are responsible for supervising then being an educational leader is priceless. This job is not about money; it is about helping others.”

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