Henderson High School took on a new member of the English department, Coach David Neal.

“My favorite part about teaching is seeing the development of students,” Neal said. “When they are able to grasp ideas about the game of life by thinking outside the box. Seeing them succeed in the classroom, athletic realm, UIL, One-act play or anything they endeavor, it is always fulfilling to see their success and knowing that the Lord used me in some way to encourage them.”

Neal left his high school alma mater, Richardson High School, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from East Texas State University and a Masters in Education from the University of Arkansas. 

“I enjoy History because it deals with cause and effect. If one goes back far enough there is an initial cause; things that have happened a long time ago still affect us today,” Neal said. “However, I majored in English for Bachelors because I believed that communication was more important than a general business degree. I still emphasized Social Studies because I wanted to be a diverse teacher when entering the classroom.”

Neal wanted to join on with Henderson due to its positive representation. 

“Henderson has such a solid reputation and is very student-oriented.,” Neal said. “I enjoy the faculty and staff at Henderson as well as the students. The environment is so positive.”

Coach Neal teaches on level English and coaches girls’ volleyball and soccer. 

“My advice to new teachers would be, be patient learning the ropes,” Neal said. “It will be a different experience than what is remembered as a student.”

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