“Today, I’m making a promise. To be kind and impactful, to be the change I want to see in the world!”

It began with a simple promise- a promise to make a change- followed with small acts of kindness that left smiles on students’ faces and an impact on HHS. Teacher Callie Lawrence’s advanced publications class came up with a plan to help sprinkle kindness in the community.

“We made the video to encourage kindness around our campus,” Lawerence said. “We wanted the students to have the ability to spread kindness around the world using the best form of communication: social media

The class wrote kind and encouraging messages on sticky notes with #TagandShare and handed them out on Tuesday, Sept. 24th while recording the recipient’s reaction. They encouraged students to make their own kind notes and hand them out to unexpecting students and share the ones they were given. They then made a compilation of all the videos taken throughout the day and shared it on different social media outlets. 

“We wanted to make a change in the community so we did,” junior and participant Hailey Grey said. “I hope it can make a difference. We want to make HHS a place where no one feels left out or lonely”

The video was so successful that it not only had an impact on the students but people all over East Texas saw and shared the video. Within 24 hours of the video being posted, news station KLTV saw it and wanted to do a story over it. The news aired on Sept. 27th at 6 pm.

“I am incredibly honored to be interviewed and appear on the news,” sophomore Lauren Lee said. “The inspiration behind our video was to spread kindness throughout the school; this week stands as a reminder as to how important it is to spread and show kindness throughout the world so situations like this never happen again.”

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