Senior Gets Promoted To Manager At Local Whataburger


Welcome to Whataburger, Texas’ favorite restaurant for burgers, chicken strips and opportunities. Within those orange and white walls, among the unique display of electric guitars and matching surfboards and 80s throwback music, you’ll find senior Hannah Myers taking care of your every need.

Myers was promoted to the customer service manager at Whataburger on July 8 after working as a server starting on June 7, 2018.

“I love all the responsibilities that come with the job,” Myers said. “I would have to say the best part is the customers. I love being able to make certain that all the customers who walk into Whataburger leave with a memorable experience and a smile.”

During the summer before her junior year, Myers was hired as a server, joining some of her friends on the Whataburger staff. Being a server entailed bringing out customer’s food in a timely manner as well as providing drink refills and extra napkins.

“I’ve always wanted to get a job and have my own money instead of asking my parents for money all the time,” Myers said. “I wanted a job, and I had friends who worked at Whataburger.”

Myers found out that she was one of five employees under consideration for manager two weeks beforehand. After working for exactly one year, one month and one day, Myers was officially promoted.

“What I worked so hard for was finally in my grasp,” Myers said. “I was really excited about a promotion. The job is everything I thought it would be, plus more.”

Myers’ promotion extends on the duties of her job as a server. As a customer service manager, Myers’ responsibilities expanded to giving refunds, getting the register drawers ready to be counted, and provide a fresh drawer at the designated times. 

“The new responsibilities were a lot more to take on than I thought I would be,” Myers said. “I realized I had to figure out exactly what my responsibility was. Then I problem-solved and worked through those first weeks.”

Myers plans to stay employed at Whataburger when she goes to Kilgore College next year, majoring in entrepreneurship. After Kilgore College, Myers is still narrowing down universities to find the best program for her.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Myers said. “I’ve always had the idea of having my own business. Whataburger has given me the skills I need to do that, for sure.”

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