Social Media Users Threaten to Raid Area 51

Although the famous, highly classified United States Air Force base is officially named Homey Airport, Area 51 has been the star of many alien-centric conspiracy theories. Starting in the 1950s, when the facility supposedly was testing CIA U2 spy planes, many people believed these unidentified flying objects were actually aliens who had successfully made it to Earth.
While the government has declassified documents related to Area 51, people still have their suspicions. The question still stands: what is in Area 51 and what is the government hiding from us?

On June 27, 2019, a plan was created to answer these very questions. The plan was on the 20th night of September, over 2 million people were going to Naruto ran into the Air Force base; in theory, due to the overwhelming number of individuals, the government could not stop them all. Quickly every hotel, airplane, train ride, anything to get to Lincoln County, Nevada was booked solid. While the event was originally set up as a joke, people both locally and across the country took action getting prepared for the hoard of people who would soon be there.
No government raid would be complete without music, so two music festivals were also planned in Lincoln County – Alienstock and Storm Area 51 – who had postponed their tours to perform at the massive event. Alienstock was unable to attend due to poor planning. As the memes progressed across the Internet, country rapper Lil Nas X collaborated with many singers, including Young Thug and Mason Ramsey, and posted a remix of “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X’s latest hit song, with an animated music video centered around raiding Area 51. This contributed to the Internet hype of the raid.

After months of waiting and preparing the day had finally come. This was the day we were finally going to get answers. While originally 2 million people said they were attending and 1.5 million people said they were interested in the events page on Facebook, only 1,750 people showed up. People showed up on the 19th and camped around Rachel, NV in preparation for the raid. The Lincoln County Sheriff stated that about 1,500 people showed up for the festivals, while 150 made the journey filled with rough roads in hopes to get near the gates. All-and-all, the raid was a total flunk, since only one person made it onto the property and, after about half a mile, was shot down and arrested.

After 70 years of wondering, the questions still remain: what is the government hiding from us, and will we ever know the truth?

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