Librarian Donna Wilkinson Joins The HHS Staff

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The door opened, and she said nothing, merely raising a book into the air; instantly, pure joy raided from the room. Months they’d been waiting, months they’d been asking for this book. What made it so special? Nevertheless, she ordered it. Early that same morning, it had been delivered to the school, and after quickly processing and putting it into the system, the day had come.

Just like the books, Donna Wilkinson is the newest addition to the HHS library.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Texas at Tyler, Wilkinson took the extra step and received her Masters of Library Science at North Texas in Denton.

“I really enjoy all aspects of library work, but especially how it provides opportunities to learn new things,” Wilkinson said. “It is never boring in the library if you have a curious mind.”

Part of being a librarian is being well versed in many different aspects as well as always being booked. Wilkinson takes care of everyone’s needs and demands while still managing to work on the projects and tasks she needs to get done.

“I’ve really had to learn how to juggle many different things at once; [high schoolers] have very specific needs so I can really bear down on meeting those needs: finding scholarships, finding college information, finding research information, resources, teaching you how to do research,” Wilkinson said. “A liberian serves everybody, all the students and all the staff, everybody needs something at the same time.”

While being a school librarian has been her sole career, Wilkinson has also worked in the past as a prison librarian and a county library clerk.

“At a public library you get all kinds of people; you get the babies all the way to retired people, so there’s just a huge variety there,” Wilkinson said. “Working with high school kids is more focused on the needs of only four age groups.”

But what truly makes being a high school librarian special Wilkinson says is the diversity among students.

“The same thing that makes it the hardest- the relationships, getting to know everybody, getting to know what their likes and dislikes are,” Wilkinson said. “When kids get excited about a book I recommend or when one that they’ve asked for it finally comes in, that’s just the best.”

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