The 2019 HHS homecoming court has been selected and was announced at the Henderson vs Center game on Sept. 20.

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors have two duchesses, and seniors have three candidates who have the chance for homecoming queen. Duchesses and homecoming queen candidates are selected by the results of a poll sent to students’ school email.

“The 2019 Homecoming ceremony went great,” organizer and teacher Racheal McGinnis said. “All of the dutchesses were absolutely beautiful and their escorts were beaming with pride”
Freshmen Abbey Everitt and Tori Garcia represented their class. Sophomores Josi Arellano and Ally Brooks represented their class.

“The Class of ‘22 has my heart,” Brooks said. “I’m glad I could represent the part.”

With the upperclassmen, Emma Cross and Cindy Galvan represented the junior class, and the senior duchesses were Zahia Cooper, Raquel Cruz and Ava Rockey.

At the Henderson vs Center game, Raquel Cruz was annouced as homecoming queen.

“I feel honored to be nominated to be in the court and crowned queen,” Cruz said. “I was very excited when I won.”

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