Scrunchies. Saving the turtles. Shirts that are three sizes too big. All over Instagram and Tik Tok, the VSCO girl trend has widely emerged, bringing a stickered Hydro Flask to the party of all trending aesthetics.

So, what exactly is this trend and where did it come from?

VSCO is a photo editing app many Instagram users use to touch up their selfies for a summertime-all-year-long aesthetic. The app itself is free, but it also has many premium features that require payment. As soon as the app became taboo, girls who stereotypically use the app for their Instagram feed have earned the title “VSCO girl,” but as time progresses, the trend has evolved.

Many social media platforms have helped make this trend popular among teenagers. Naturally, VSCO girls first appeared on Instagram and Twitter, posting their selfies straight from VSCO. Later on, Youtubers such as Emma Chamberlain  have made the trend even more mainstream. Even Tik Tok users have posted parodies of the trend, joining the multitude of memes all over social media that mock VSCO girls.

Modern VSCO girls have a certain trendy look. They wear oversized, vintage t-shirts paired with shorts, scrunchies, Birkenstock sandals, and puka shell necklaces. Inside their Swedish Fjallraven Kanken backpack, they have a Hydro Flask water bottle and a reusable metal straw, saving the turtles one sip at a time. They address their fellow VSCO girl friends with “sksksk.” According to a calculation done by FOX Business, mastering the VSCO girl look costs around $230. Even though the cost is high, the VSCO girl trend has still remained prevalent.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing the stereotypical VSCO girl pop up. The VSCO girl trend is everywhere. As trends come and go, it’s only a matter of time before the next biggest thing takes its place.


(Image Courtesy of Google)

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