Photo by Kent Mahoney from The Henderson News.

Football Season Begins With Game Against Whitehouse

The varsity football team will play against Whitehouse on Friday at the Lions Stadium at 7:30 p.m., officially kicking football season into high gear.

With the new school year starting up, the Lions strive to play in the state championships. Last December, the team played in the quarterfinals against Carthage but did not advance.

“To play into December is an honor,” football coach James Norman said. “The teams we played against last year are gone. These are new teams, and we are skilled enough to make it to the championships.”

Through practices and scrimmages, the coaches have learned the strengths and weaknesses of each player and formulated the best combinations for games.

“The biggest thing to remember is that last year, we didn’t have all the same guys,” Norman said. “This year is going to be a real special year, and we’re getting a little bit better each week.”

According to the new roster, the varsity team is composed of mainly juniors and seniors, including a few returning players from last year’s teams.

“It’s real football now; you go back, you don’t assume they know anything, and you go back to the basics and start with the fundamentals and you work from there,” head coach Phil Castles said. “Hopefully those guys will retain some of that and when the lights come on again they’ll remember how to play a little defense.”

In support of local police officers, Back the Blue Out is the theme for the game. Attendees are encouraged to wear blue. 

“In everything I do, I back the blue,” teacher and Wood County sheriff candidate Callie Lawrence said. “When you see an officer always thank them for putting on that heavy belt, hot vest, and their bravery. They support the Lions and we support them.”

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