Allison Buckner

Across East Texas, you can hear her name throughout all the judges’ rooms. In the heat of a Lincoln Douglas debate round, her opponent broke down crying and asked to forfeit the round. Seeing this broke her heart, for her opponent hadn’t had much coaching and had gotten overwhelmed. Buckner decided instead of relishing in her easy victory, she would instead help coach the young debater.  Through the experience, the Henderson Debate Ace gained new a friend and experience in teaching young debaters that would help her down the road.

For the past two years, senior Allison Buckner has been both the debate president as well as the driving force behind the HHS debate team.

“I became debate president because of my passion and love for debate,” Buckner said. “Mrs. Lawrence inspired me to join the debate team. When she talked to my Professional Communications class about it on the first day of school, it sounded like an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons and meet new people.”

As a debater, Buckner spends time practicing and competing in tournaments almost every weekend. As debate president, she takes on even more responsibility, such as helping choose tournaments, spending budget money making sure everyone is on task and focused during practices and helping the less experienced debaters.

“I love being able to help train young debaters,” Buckner said. “Watching them grow and learn is fascinating.”

Buckner always gives her all when answering questions, helping write cases and making sure the other debaters have their cases and speeches down in her free time.

“In order to be a good debater/debate president, you have to be extremely dedicated,” Buckner said. “Debate takes up a large portion of my free time. There’s always a speech to be written or a speaking exercise to be done. But, at the end of the day, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.”

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