Henderson debaters Emma Cross, Brooklyn Conert, Macy Watson and Ashley Wilkinson competed at UIL CX District on Feb. 6 at Spring Hill First Baptist Church in Longview.

“Being a perfect mix of aggressive and polite is probably my favorite thing about debating,” Wilkinson said. “In CX, you have to be defensive and offensive, just like in sports. I also love writing cases. They’re a ton of work, but it’s all worthwhile.”

After winning two out of three rounds, Wilkinson and her partner, Conert, earned fifth place overall.

“I think I did relatively well,” Conert said. “I’m super excited for next year.”

Advancing state partners, Cross and Watson, brought home the title of district champions.

“I feel like my partner and I did amazing,” Cross said. “ My favorite part about CX is when you trap another team into doing what you want.”

Not only did Watson advance to state and make district champion, but she also got top speaker.

“At first I was in shock,” Watson said. “By now, I’m on cloud nine.”

While CX debate is a lot of hard work and practice, the prize is worth the price.

“CX debate is more than just policies,” Wilkinson said. “It’s teamwork, it’s deep thinking, it’s standing your ground, it’s learning every step of the way. My debate team is like my weird, dysfunctional family, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

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