Starting on Jan. 25 and ending on Jan. 27, Kevin Bennet will host the annual DNow youth convention with the accompanying band, Alive by Sunrise. This year’s theme is “Revival, Not survival,” focusing on putting faith in Christ.

However, one issue students should be aware of this weekend is the mass spreading of viruses and bacterial infections.

“It’s a really emotional time and we’re all packed together like sardines, so it’s basically a bacterial playground,” sophomore Tucker Dorsey said. “Last year, they almost had to shut the middle school down because of absences after DNow.”

DNow involves many churches in the Henderson area joining together to worship. The event will consist of large get-togethers and outdoor activities depending on a student’s age and — as always — lots of delicious food.

“The get-togethers combined with the small group times after make for a highly enjoyable weekend,” junior Riley Foster said. “The atmosphere in the DNow events is always friendly and worship-focused.”

With a fee of $35 and jam-packed with friends, worship, and fun, DNow is an unforgettable experience.

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