You Can’t Read This Because You’re Wearing A Blindfold

So if you’ve been on the Internet at all in the last week and a half, then you’ve probably seen some memes or some hype about the new Netflix original film, Bird Box. In the suspenseful thriller, a woman named Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, traverses a river with two children during an apocalypse of invisible monsters that drive humans either to suicide or insanity. As far as the overall quality of the film goes, Bird Box is definitely more suspenseful than scary, and it presents an interesting take on the classic thriller.

So Bird Box’s entire purpose is to be a scary film. The score, videography and set are meant to lead audiences to fear, but in my opinion, makers of the film did not quite pull off the “scary” shtick. The score comes closest to inciting fear in viewers, but the plot itself falls short on the fear factor. Viewers can tell that the characters in the movie are scared, but have difficulty experiencing the same fear. In my opinion, Bird Box did not deserve the hype it received as a “scary movie.” The film is not truly a thriller by definition.

Although Bird Box fails in the scare department, its concept and execution are impressive, and it offers up a new and exciting look into the newly-emerging category of “suspense films.” Movies like Bird Box and A Quiet Place are horror-adjacent movies with intense, emotional musical scores which help to increase the nerves felt by viewers. The keyword here is “nerves.” Movies like these do not incite fear, but effectively create nervousness in those watching, which is a style of film not often seen in the entertainment industry. This emergence of new, creative methods of entertainment is exciting, and effectively changes the game for entertainment companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

All in all, Bird Box does not accomplish its goal as a traditional thriller movie, but it leads into the possibility of a new era in entertainment: the suspense film.

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