Quality Over Quantity

Christmas is approaching quickly, which means two things: you have to find your stretchy pants for the Christmas day meal and, more importantly, you have to start buying gifts. One of the biggest struggles every Christmas season is getting the most bang for your buck. Everyone wants to get great gifts without the fear of the wrong choice, but this begs the question: when it comes to gifts, what is more important; quality or quantity?

Christmas is definitely a stressful time, especially for your wallet. The holiday season tends to be a toss-up of what to give someone that won’t break the bank but they’ll still love. In this time, people aren’t as picky as one might expect. Many people would rather have something simple but heartfelt. Quality is better than quantity because it can cut the stress in half, showing the effort that you are willing to put into your friends and family and creating lasting memories. 

The stress of buying the best gift can be cut in half by choosing something one knows the receiver could use every day. Studies have shown that 36% of people would prefer a useful gift rather than a waste-of-space gift left to sit in their closet. Common items would make a great gift for friends, family and acquaintances. This can be anything from soap and lotion to gift cards for their favorite places.

In addition, homemade gifts are a great option because they show effort. 43% of people state that would rather have a homemade gift than a store-bought gift simply because they like to know that one would put effort into creating something specifically for them. Making your loved ones a gift this year will be a great way to brighten their holiday spirit. Homemade items can be something as simple as ornaments. Ornaments can be reused each year.

Holidays aren’t just about gifts, but the memories that people share with each other. Studies show that 41% of people would prefer quality time with friends and family on Christmas rather than a materialistic gift. In other words, instead of buying a gift this season, take some time to speak to your friends and family.  Your presence is a present enough for many. Each holiday holds a different experience and new memories to share with the next.

Although people may think that people won’t be content with what they get them, they couldn’t be more wrong. Holidays are about being near to the people you care for and the joy they bring into your life. Great gifts don’t have to be in big quantities but will be enriched with the quality in which you can give.

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