For the first time in HHS history on Tuesday, November 13, three HHS debaters, senior Allison Buckner, sophomore Emma Cross, and freshman Carter Wheat competed in Congress Regionals at Stephen F. Austin State University.

“I feel like the team did really well,” assistant coach Courtney Chapman said. “This is the first year that we have had a Congress team, so it was a learning experience for everyone that attended, even the coaches.”

Congress is an individual contest in a large group setting. It models the legislative process of democracy, and students research the bills and resolutions prior to the contest. At the tournament, students caucus in committees, deliver a formal speech on the pros and cons of each piece of legislation and finally vote to pass or defeat the measures they have examined.

“Congress is like having a baby,” Buckner said. “There’s a lot of waiting, and it’s not always the most enjoyable, but the prize at the end is worthwhile.”

Wheat made 16th overall, while Buckner and Cross made it to finals. Buckner made 7th, just one spot shy of being an alternate for State, and Cross made 12th.

“I believe the team did awesome!” Coach Wylie said. “Two participants reached the finals, which was amazing. I personally got to hear both of them speak and thought they were prepared and did an excellent job.”

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