Pro-Dress Code by Alexis Overton

The school district should enforce a dress code for all students because it provides good behavior and it sets a nice appearance for students.

The school dress code for Henderson High School presents a respectable appearance for professional situations, like trying to apply for a job. High school is a student’s last step before going out into the real world. They should know how to look dignified and responsible. Out in the world, people don’t care what your likes and interests are; they just want someone who looks like they’ll actually get the job done.

Dress codes in schools offer a more serious atmosphere for everyone. Studies show that students who obey the school the dress code tend to have better behavior compared to those who choose not to. Sometimes, social conflict, such as a student being bullied for the type of clothes they wear, creates a toxic atmosphere, and the dress code stops that kind of problem for everyone by leveling the playing field. Overall, the dress code provides a presentable attitude for everyone because it allows them to show some of their personality while also looking nice.

Those who oppose the dress code say that Henderson’s dress code does not allow students to show individualism. However, while showing individualism is important, the dress code is trying to encourage the students to focus more on their studies and less on what they wear. Our dress code is not as strict as many think. Henderson’s dress code allows people to show some of their personality while looking appropriate at the same time. Not having a dress code and allowing students to wear whatever they want can make them worry more about their appearance rather than thinking about college or their studies.

The dress code is needed in school. It sets a path for good behavior and for students to focus on their grades.


Anti-Dress Code by Emmily Riley

How students dress is how they express themselves. Students from eighth grade coming over as freshmen expect to have a less strict dress code, but with the high school’s dress code, they are disappointed. HHS should not have a dress code because it prevents students from expressing themselves and teaches students the wrong ideas about each other and life.

The dress code takes away students’ freedom to express themselves. The school should not be able to obscure students’ freedom of speech and expression just because students are young. Being young should not mean that expressive rights, such as clothing choice, should be taken from students. Students are entitled to their rights no matter the age.

Moreover, the dress code restrictions teach students to focus more on work than on everyday life. Henderson High School strives for their students to be more professional.  The dress code needlessly restricts students through frowning upon the new quirks of today’s clothing style, such as open-shouldered shirts and ripped jeans. Through this, the dress code places professional appearance at a higher priority than being comfortable.

The dress code also sexualizes the female students and deteriorates male reputation. These rules were put in place because showing skin is a so-called distraction to males. It’s illogical how this “distraction” is possible with non-sexual leg skin, and it degrades boys to uncontrollable animals. Perhaps the school system should teach boys not to ogle girls rather than teaching girls how not to be ogled.

People who support the dress code say dress codes create a more serious atmosphere for learning. However, this argument is invalid because it fosters hostility in the classroom through restricting students’ rights. To illustrate, an American student was wearing a political hat last week in class. Because hats are against the dress code, the teacher and student began to argue over whether the hat was truly distracting to the classroom. In the exchange, the teacher moved the class, excluding the student, to another room. All in all, this incident ended up creating a toxic learning environment and would not have occurred without a dress code.

All in all, the dress code has been blown out of proportion. The dress code is unnecessary as it prevents students from expressing themselves, focuses more on life in the workplace, and discriminates against certain groups of students.

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