Legend has it, on Halloween night when the clock strikes 12, a mystical Christmas elf sprinkles forget-me-dust around the country, effectively making everyone forget about Thanksgiving and jump straight into the Christmas spirit. People tend to get so excited about Christmas, they often forget about one of America’s greatest holidays, Thanksgiving.

Being excited about the Christmas season is understandable; everyone loves snuggling up by a fire, drinking hot chocolate, watching the Christmas parade and opening presents on Christmas Day. However, this does not mean that Thanksgiving should be neglected. Through my research, I’ve concluded that there are three main reasons people skip over Thanksgiving. First, Christmas is a time for getting gifts. Second, there are almost no songs designed for Thanksgiving. Finally, Christmas is a huge money-making opportunity for stores everywhere.

Thanksgiving is a time to look back and be thankful for the good things in your life, as well as a time for people to see extended family they might not normally be able to see. While you can definitely still do these activities during Christmas, people tend to focus more on giving and, more importantly, receiving presents. People start buying Christmas gifts in October, making sure to get the perfect gift for their loved one, while they only spend about a week planning for Thanksgiving.

Music is debatably the best part of any holiday season, and Christmas music is king. Being able to have hundreds of songs dedicated to one day is pretty impressive. While there are mountains of Christmas songs and hit records, the Thanksgiving song department is severely lacking. Trying to find a Thanksgiving song that’s not meant for a child is about as likely as finding a needle in a haystack. Thanksgiving may have greens, beans, potatoes and tomatoes, but it certainly does not have many tunes.

The third and probably the most prominent reason of Thankgiving’s underappreciation is because stores skip Thanksgiving. It’s really difficult not to get into the Christmas spirit when you see Christmas everywhere. Stores like to skip over Thanksgiving because it simply does not bring in the same amount of profit as Christmas does. The average American spends around $50 for Thanksgiving, while according to the American Research Group, US shoppers spend an average of $929 on Christmas. If stores can get people to start spending their money faster, they get money faster. Thanksgiving just doesn’t get people spending like stores want.

Thanksgiving is truly one of the greatest American holidays, and I strongly feel that people should let November have its special day and just enjoy the extra week off. Be patient. Christmas will still be there on Dec. 25.


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