The Key Club hosted a student blood drive on Nov. 1 to encourage students to save lives by donating blood. Carter Bloodcare took blood at the drive.

“Key Club is all about being part of the community, whether the community is only the zip code 75652 or if it is a larger community,” Key Club sponsor Marsha Edney said. “Giving blood impacts people at a time of need in a personal way.”

Blood donors were provided with Powerade, water and snacks to make up for the lost calories and electrolytes after their blood was drawn.

“This year I donated blood again and it was well worth it,” junior Sara Wyvill said. “I may have almost died but there were free snacks.”

Students who donate blood twice receive a red cord to wear at their graduation.

“Giving blood is such a unique opportunity to help people,” junior Mia Hay said. “The clinic’s friendly, and the attentive staff and positive atmosphere help to ease the discomfort and remind you what those red cords are for.”

According to Carter Bloodcare’s website, every blood donation can save up to three lives.

“Each drop of blood that is donated can save another human life, and what bigger impact can you have than saving a human life?” Key Club president Kaiden Camazine said. “You can sacrifice your time and a little bit of your blood to save the sacrifice of another human life.”

Student Council is hosting a blood drive on Jan. 28, and the next Key Club blood drive will take place on Apr. 22.

“This is a wonderful way to impact the person hurt in an accident or having a surgery,” Edney said. “Mostly not being able to give blood is a fear. Facing our fears is an empowering step for everyone.”

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