As a high school student, Human Resources Director Amanda Wallace was a band nerd and athlete, wishing for graduation to come sooner. Looking back, she admits that she cherished her high school years. Now, Wallace helps students to enjoy their high school years, too.

Wallace is starting her second year as HISD’s human resources director.

“My goal is to direct and manage the human resources department with a focus on creating smooth systems and processes that promote efficiency,” Wallace said. “Everything we do affects students. We serve them best when a school community works together and when we make serving people and loving others our first priority.”

As a graduate of Lufkin High School, Wallace earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University at Commerce.

“I wanted to be a veterinarian,” Wallace said. “But my plans weren’t God’s plan, so the road he led me down ended up leading to teaching and furthering my career in public education. Looking back, it is funny how we can set plans for ourselves and pursue one thing and end up doing something completely different.”

Although a human resource director was not the job Wallace looked for initially, a North Texas school district offered her the job, and Wallace was later promoted to Assistant Superintendent.

“I had really enjoyed that position in that previous district,” Wallace said. “I thought that was the niche for me. When my husband and I moved back to the East Texas area, I had decided that the next job I wanted to pursue would be in Human Resources.”

When the Human Resources director position at Henderson ISD opened up, Wallace immediately applied.

“I’m so grateful for Mr. Boles and the board of trustees for giving me the opportunity to work here,” Wallace said. “I enjoy working with people who love and serve others. I love my job!”

Wallace says she strives to serve HHS students the best her department can.

“We are public servants first,” Wallace said. “We want to make sure we serve our staff to the best of our ability so that they can serve their students to the best of their ability.”

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