Halloween is a time of candy, costumes and fun, but what most people don’t realize is that there are certain dangers on Halloween night. However, these risks don’t necessarily make trick-or-treating dangerous. With the proper cautionary actions and supervision of children, parents can ensure Halloween will be a fun-filled night.

When people think of the dangers of Halloween, they most likely think of contaminated candy. While this is a very real threat, it’s also a rare one. Some common items used to contaminate candy are blades and needles. If you think there is a chance your child’s candy has been tampered with, most hospitals offer x-ray scans for candy baskets.

Another concern on Halloween is that children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car. This is because there are so many children out, and there are many cars trying to find their way around crowded neighborhoods in the dark. To prevent this, make sure kids know to watch for cars or are with an adult at all times.

Halloween is renowned for carved jack-o-lanterns filled with lit candles. While these can be really cool, they can also be very dangerous. Anything sitting on the ground is liable to be kicked over by excited children running to doors, and adding a flame to the equation could equal disaster. Try to keep any lit candles off the ground and make children aware of any flame while trick-or-treating.

So to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween, talk with children about all of the above problems and make sure you’re aware of the dangers and alert at all times. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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