Since her first day in 1989, Karen Mobbs has captured the attention of her classes with creativity and passion for teaching. This year, like her longtime friend and colleague, Cindi Rains, she will retire and move on to a new chapter of her life.

“First and foremost, I will miss the classroom,” Mobbs said. “I’ll miss the relationships that have been created with my students. I will miss my fellow teachers and all of the friends I have made on campus.”

In addition to being a junior and senior English educator, Mobbs is an active citizen, and she participates in many musical events at First United Methodist Church in Henderson.

I like building houses with my friends, Jon and Bill, and I’m involved in three or four musical groups,” Mobbs said. “I love sports, but my tennis game has really fallen off, and when I am not supposed to be grading papers, I love be out on our property with my dogs.”

Throughout the years, Mobbs has imparted knowledge on many a student both inside the classroom and out. For every year of incoming freshman, she leaves this message.

“This is not middle school,” Mobbs said. “This will be your chance to struggle and grow, to learn new skills and find new abilities.  It will not always be easy, and you had better be ready to step up. For those who do, all sorts of glory awaits.”

As Mobbs and Rains both embark on their no-doubt exciting retirement adventures, the English department will lose two educational masterminds to endless vacation and a severe lack of papers to grade. They will definitely be missed, but Mobbs is confident in the future of the soon-to-be dynamic duo-less program.

“The HHS English program has great bones and talented teachers,” Mobbs said. “While there are many pieces of the curriculum I would love to see continue, I also see cool possibilities for change with expanded technology.  If the State Legislature would get out of the way, I believe innovative and creative units could be built, taught, and enjoyed.”

As her teaching history at Henderson comes to a close, Mobbs leaves one final statement.

“Henderson High School is the only public school system in which I have taught,” Mobbs said. “Everything I have ever loved about teaching happened here. I will miss standardized testing – no, wait – I won’t miss that.”

2 thoughts on “Grand Finale”

  1. Karen,
    Thank you for your years devoted to the students. I particularly enjoy knowing new exciting songs which you taught us at church.
    Enjoy every second of your next adventure.

  2. Oh Mrs. Mobbs, what a great teacher, motivator, mentor, supporter and so much more you were during my time spent with you! I’m so happy for you and your next step in life. I hope you get to live out some of your wildest dreams, accomplish every goal and overcome every milestone from here and forever more.
    Love you lady!
    *as the class of 2008 always said* “MOBBIN”

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