Three years ago, English teacher, Lisa Lybrand began working here at HHS. Before, she worked at Henderson Middle School for sixteen years.

“I wanted to grow in my educational endeavors by gaining high school teaching experience.”  Lybrand said. “Eventually I would like to utilize my experience as an administrator.”

Lybrand said she has a love for students, especially teenagers, and no matter where she is in life she hopes she is able to help and love students. She describes this as “God’s calling for her life”.

If she was not a teacher, she said she would probably be a NASCAR driver, as both her daughters tell her she could be. All jokes aside, If she was not teaching, she would like to be doing something that involves working with teenagers, no matter how that would be.

Lybrand also has some big goals for her life outside of teaching.

“I eventually plan to publish a motivational book.” Lybrand said. “I also want to be an assistant principal.”  

Lybrand goes to show that no matter what age you are, you can always continue to dream and have goals for what you want to do in life.

No matter what she is doing in life though, she always wants to be a ray of sunshine to everyone who knows her.

“I want to shine the light of my Savior, Jesus Christ.” Lybrand said. “My goal is to use my skills to reflect God’s love and to allow people to see a living God through me.”

3 thoughts on “Teacher Feature”

  1. Lisa is one of the most dedicated teachers with whom I have ever worked. I can hear her teach through the wall that separate us, and she is my inspiration and motivation each day to teach a better lesson than what I had originally planned.

  2. Mrs. Lybrand is an amazing teacher who always goes above and beyond in everything she does. I enjoyed having her as a teacher at Henderson. ❤

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