She captures the attention of her audience from the very first performance. She speaks clearly and concisely, dancing her way into the hearts and minds of her students. She rules her classroom with a gentle hand and an iron fist. The pressure she applies to her students turns pieces of coal, sets them on fire with a love of literature, and at the end of the year, diamonds emerge from room 407. The worst part of it all is that the queen is stepping down from her throne. Cindi Rains, my favorite teacher and personal hero, is retiring at the end of this year.

When asked she responded with… you know, this is exactly how I expected her to respond.

“I will fondly miss being around young minds, but I will also miss being with my colleague/family,” Rains said. “Ms. Mobbs and  I have traveled the world together both physically and through literature.  I know for a fact that we will keep in contact.  I just don’t want to be completely severed from my other colleague/friends.”

Rains has big plans for her retirement, including being the best grandmother possible to her nine (soon-to-be-ten) grandchildren, two of which are sophomore Summer Rains and senior Caroline Rains.

“I want to be the ultimate grandmother because I have never been able to eat lunch at school with any of my grandchildren,” Rains said. “It will be a little late to eat with Caroline, but when I retire, I can head to College Station any time I want to take her to lunch.”

Her less family-oriented plans include expanding her cultural horizons… the college student way.

“I want to watch Netflix (I don’t even have it yet!),” Rains said. “I will definitely travel.  As much as I love Henderson, I know that there is a vast world outside Rusk County that is beckoning me to visit it.”

Rains has worked at Henderson for 28 years and her favorite thing about HHS by far is the student body.

“By far, it’s the interaction that I have with young people who are somewhat goal oriented,” Rains said. “There will always be those students who only care about a grade, but it’s those students who show up ready to learn and contribute and grow that keep me coming back year after year.”

HHS has not yet hired anyone to fill Mrs. Rains’ position, but she has high hopes for the future of the English program and her students.

“I would hope that this person loves the curriculum as much as I have,” Rains said. “I also need for him/her to take the students to a higher level.  I want the new teacher to see his/her students as young novelists and poets and educators who have the potential to write their own destiny if pushed beyond what they think they can do.”

It is safe to say that Mrs. Rains will be fiercely missed by all. Bon Voyage!

11 thoughts on “Rains’ Reign Comes to an End”

  1. Cindy,
    Congrats on your retirement and a legacy of sharpening young minds. I know you will be missed by all the kids and staff. Look forward to seeing what your future holds. God bless.

  2. Thank you for your career teaching our students. Monica Hand, one of your drill team students will graduate from Texas State College on Friday, Dec. 15th. Thank you for your influence and encouragement to her. Enjoy retirement!

  3. Beautiful person beautiful soul she taught when I was there and she taught my son she is the sweeties lady I have ever meet

  4. I can’t believe it is even possible for you to be at retirement age! It seems like yesterday we were going over Romeo and Juliet. I absolutely loved your class and am blessed to have been taught and mentored by such an amazing woman! Enjoy all that retirement brings.
    Tina Fleet (Austin)

  5. I almost didn’t graduated until this lady pushed me to. I skipped class a lot! She pushed me to do my makeup work and try to come to class. I owe my diploma to this lady

  6. Congratulations on your retirement, you deserve for all your future plans to come true! I couldnt have imagined high school without you…I looked forward to having you as a teaching when I started high school. Being close friends with Stephen gave me the honor of loving you inside and outside the classroom! Thank you for being an amazing role model, teacher and woman for us all to look up to

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