Throughout the average teenager’s extravagant life on social media, a high schooler is bound to fall asleep next to their smartphone at least once in their lifetime. However, those late night texting sessions with your significant other can be rather dangerous to your health.

Cell phones release electromagnetic radiation during the time they are on. Thus, sleeping beside your beloved phone increases your exposure. Although the amounts of electromagnetic radiation emitted is small, it still is unhealthy for us. Over time, this radiation could eventually cause cancerous tumors. In order to avoid these consequences, let your phone sleep by itself.

Sleeping with your smartphone stands as a safety hazard. A phone’s air flow can be easily blocked, causing it to overheat; therefore, it cause a fire or explosion.  In 2014, a teenage girl’s Samsung S4 smartphone ignited under her pillow at night and was slowly spreading when she awoke to the burning smell of her phone. Stay safe and do not sleep with your phone.

Having a phone glued to your hand 24/7 threatens your well-being. If you absolutely need your phone nearby, put it on airplane mode or completely turn it off. Even if when you are in a situation where you will need your phone, place it several feet away from your bed. Having a cell phone as a teddy bear is not worth your health.

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