Every year, a Distinguished Alumnus is asked to speak to a senior AP class about how they became successful. While most students expect life and career advice, students in Ronny Grandgeorge’s fourth period AP calculus class obtained quite a bit more than what they anticipated.
Distinguished alumnus Grady Ash spoke to the calculus class Sept. 17 and gave each student a $100 bill.
“Most kids don’t like speeches,” Ash said. “So I just wanted to talk with them and make it interesting. It was an impulse, really, [to give them the money].
“We had fun,” Ash said. “I think the students were ready to do it again.”
Ash graduated from Henderson in 1951 and went on to graduate from Texas A&M in 1958. Ash has also been recognized as a member of the A&M Legacy Society. He owns A G Equipment Co. in Broken Arrow, OK.
“I asked him for the name of his company and he pulled out his wallet to give me a business card,” senior Joy Williams said. “He saw the way everyone reacted to all the hundred dollar bills in his wallet and decided to pass them out.”
“At first I thought it was a joke,” Williams said. “I just kind of sat there with my mouth open. I was in total shock that a complete stranger would be so generous to us. A few of the girls were so happy they almost started crying.”
The calculus students and Ash took a group photo after he spoke to them.
“I was impressed with [the class],” Ash said. “They had a certain spark. ”

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