It is difficult to imagine a wall becoming a popular picture location, but that’s exactly what happened to English teacher Cindi Rain’s downtown building.
Rains and husband first noticed the now well-known graffiti painted on the side of their downtown building Aug. 20. It reads ‘Wish you were here” in cursive.
“At first, I couldn’t believe that someone would do that to a building in Henderson, but after I saw more and more posts with people’s pictures with it, I softened on the idea of it being there,” Rains said. “If you think about it, it’s a really nice sentiment as opposed to something vulgar or hateful.”
It is unknown who painted the graffiti.
“As far as who painted it, and according to my Facebook posts, it must have been an older female because of the pretty penmanship,” Rains said. “Only one person has claimed to write it, but she was just jesting, I think.”
Rains has been making a collection of the pictures people have taken with the wall in case they are asked to paint over it.
“I love that people of all ages are driving there to take pictures,” Rains said. “Many say that they have gone to graffiti parks in Austin and Houston, and this is just a tiny spillover from those more metropolitan and ‘hip’ cities. The funniest comment was that a person thought it was gang-related.”
“By all means, I am not encouraging more graffiti on my wall,” Rains said, “but I’m also no longer opposed to that one sentiment remaining because it means that someone loved our small town of Henderson enough to wish that someone else were here.”

3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Place”

  1. First, I can’t believe that with the cameras that’s on the light’s someone would have the guts to do that, second, I wish there were more business owners that own businesses with big blank walls, would allow some of these very talented students and artists to just have at it, and cover the walls with beauty, as long as it’s decent. I love beautiful colors and it sure wouldn’t hurt our town at all.

  2. My first thoughts at seeing the graffiti on the wall, “how rude!” But then, I too, saw facebook posts with pictures and decided I wanted my picture with the graffiti as well. I have yet to take my picture, so please don’t paint over it! I think it adds to our hometown friendly atmosphere and is certainly a conversation piece and photo opportunity waiting to happen . I love it!

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